7 Steps To A Creative Path

7 simple steps that may help inspire your own creative path you may have never known that you had.

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Intuition guides the hearts and minds of most artists and designers who sometimes dig deep to find inspiration and creative energy to inspire their work and create positivity. Here are 7 simple steps that may help inspire your own creative path you may have never known that you had.

  1. Center Yourself. Sit quietly in a comfortable space where you can take a deep breathe (in hale thru your nose, exhale thru your mouth) and focus.

  2. Envision it as if it Were Alive! Put that one question or problem that you are attempting into your mind then close your eyes and envision what it would be like if you could actually see "it." Even if it may not be a living thing. Imagine it as if it was living.

  3. Back Away From The Mouse and Get out a Pencil and Paper - get ready to draw what you hear, see and feel in your mind when you visualize your problem and imagine if it were a living thing, what would it say? What would it look like? Sketch everything that pops into your head whether or not you think its stupid.

  4. Words of Enlightenment! Write a list of words that come forward into your mind when you think about your challenge or problem. Adjectives, nouns and even metaphors – we like all words! Make connections and connect opposites...you never know what you may find.

  5. Create an Inspirational Mind Tree. As one would focus on their Chakras (ie; energy centers) and meditate upon them to provide even balance within the body, start focusing on main words that you can expound upon and start an inspirational mind tree (mind map) that you can branch off other idea's that may come into your mind from that one word.

  6. Get Up and Get Your Prana Flowing! Get out of that chair and start moving your body for 2 minutes - feel your energy rising within your body and enjoy this free time. Shake your hands and feet as if they were having a party. Yes, you will look weird, but you will feel refreshed and ideas will soon begin flowing like the Prana within you!

  7. Recenter Yourself & Watch Your Creative Path Grow! Relax, recenter and start sketching ideas from the lists, maps and words that you wrote down. The more the better! You are a creative individual who can conceptualize your enlightenment for a great purpose, enjoy this process – and do it!

Don't forget to collaborate with friends and others to get their perspective on your idea's – sometimes we focus too much on one thing and we can blind ourselves of other innovative idea's!



April Biss


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