Christmas Decorations: When To Put Up and Take Down?

What's the rules when it comes to holiday decorations on your home.

Now that the turkey has been demolished, you may be thinking about Christmas decorations. With that in mind, we decided to ask our Facebook readers what they thought was an acceptable time to put up holiday decor and take it down. They gave us an ear full.

Read their responses below and be sure to chime in with your own in our comments section.

Jennifer Egan Siler wrote "both dates should be in December, IMO."

Matt Sargent wrote "Day after Thanksgiving until New Years Day."

Nathan Bonilla-Warford wrote "12/24 and 12/26. But I compromise with the staff and allow it the Monday after Thanksgiving and New Years."

Mark Gordon wrote "putting up this week and taking down the first weekend after new years"

Jeffrey Gordon wrote "People should mind their own business."

Jennifer Sulin-Stair wrote "We should keep the Christ in Christmas. Jesus is my answer."

Donald Kohler wrote "Whatever date someone volunteers to do it for me!!!"

Cindy Mitcheltree wrote "Saturday after black Friday."

Melina Haeussler Byers wrote "After Thanksgiving until Epiphany (Jan 6), but my husband would never allow them to be up that long!"

Jill Justice Hines wrote "At least Dec 1 to Jan 1 November 20."

So what do you think is an acceptable time to put up and take down decorations? Tell us in the comments.

Teresa Trubilla November 26, 2012 at 02:29 PM
I think it is OK to put your decorations up anytime in December that you would like. However, what is important is that you leave them up until Epiphany. The Twelve Days of Christmas BEGIN on Christmas Day. Christmas is not over once the gifts under the tree are opened. Rather, Christmas begins with Jesus's birth on December 25 and continues until we celebrate his baptism on January 6.
Karen Miller November 26, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Our daughter is only available to help us on Thanksgiving weekend. I feel the weekend after Jan 6 (since dates will always fall on different days each year) to take down. You can stop turning the lights on after 1/6, but it most likely won't be possible to take down before then. Time we think of the Christmas season for Christians. Not just a date.


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