Is Westchase a Frown Town?

A national magazine has ranked two cities in our region as the saddest in the country.

When it comes to unemployment and suicide rates, it seems the Tampa-St. Petersburg area leads the nation. At least, that’s according to a story recently released by Men’sHealth Magazine.

St. Petersburg ranks as America’s saddest city in the report and Tampa came in a close fourth. The magazine used figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to arrive at its conclusions.

As the Tampa-St. Pete area takes a beating on the national level, we want to know what you think about our own little piece of the regional pie.

Is Westchase a frown town or is it a great place to live? If you love it, tell us what makes it so special. If you hate it, we want to know why.

April Deutsch-Biss November 30, 2011 at 01:55 PM
I love Westchase. We moved to Tampa five years go and we thought we were leaving one of the saddest towns in Akron, Ohio. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I think that everyone in most cities in the US are having tough times. We need to turn that around with POSITIVE stories and studies not negative ones.


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