Meet Kobe: Westchase Pet of the Week

Meet Kobe, a gentle giant who lives in New Suburb Beautiful with his owners, the Neuman family.

Patch: How did you come up with the name Kobe?

Carlyn Neuman: We decided that we needed a short, two syllable name.  We went through a bunch of books and looked online.  I wanted to call him Gumbo but Brian overruled me.  So Gumbo became his middle name.  When we are really mad at him we call him by his full name, Kobe Gumbo.

Patch: When is his birthday?

Neuman: He was born March 23, 2008.

Patch: What made you chose him?

Neuman: He was the most chill of the bunch.  He was the calmest puppy of the litter.  He is such a lover and wants to be with everybody all the time.

Patch: Does he have any good buddies either human or animal?

Neuman:  He loves his parents.  He adores our one year old baby, Caleb.  He also has doggy day care “Rat Pack.”

Patch: Does your dog do any tricks?

Neuman: He sits, stays, shakes and heels.  It’s really more discipline than tricks.  He did go to obedience school.

Patch: Does he watch television?

Neuman: He definitely looks at it.  He steals the remote controls.  He takes them outside or upstairs.  I guess it is because my husband covets them.  He doesn’t break them though.

Patch: Does Kobe beg for food?

Neuman: No.  He doesn’t have to.  The baby throws food on the floor for him because he thinks it’s funny.

Patch: Does he do anything embarrassing?

Neuman: He farts a lot! He eats socks too.  Later he will poop them out at the dog park or at doggy daycare.

Patch: Do you plan on doing anything special with him for Thanksgiving?

Neuman: Not really.  We did dress him up in a pumpkin vest for Halloween though.

Patch: Describe Kobe in three words.

Neuman: Playful, gentle, giant.


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