Comedian Rahn Hortman Performs Saturday At The Chase Club

The Tampa-based comedian's performance has been described as "Clean but not soft."

Rahn Hortman's motto is "No matter what, just keep similing." Hortman brings his everyday-life based humor to The Chase Club this Saturday. Patch recently caught up with Hortman. Here's what he had to say about where his funnies come from.

Patch: How did you get your start in comedy?

Hortman: I started comedy when I came to Florida. I was always the class the clown...moved to Florida and gave it a shot.

Patch: I see you grew up in Milwaukee. How has that influenced your comedy?

Hortman: Growing up in Milwaukee has influenced my comedy. Being one of the most segregated cities in the country, it let me see two different worlds. I grew up on the North Side, which is predominately black. But, I went to school in the suburbs, which was predominately White. So I can relate to both environments’...I believe that’s what makes me so relatable.

Patch: What makes you laugh?

Hortman: I laugh at real life. It's hilarious. I just look around and can find the humor.

Patch: Who do you admire in comedy?

Hortman: In comedy, I love a lot of people. I'll try to keep it to a few. I admire Bill Cosby for being hilarious with out having to use any profanity. Martin Lawrence for bringing the regular guy feel to the game, Chris Rock for bringing the perfect blend of edge and funny and still taking on very important subject matter. Al Romas ability to take absolutely nothing and turn it into something people will never forget....I can keep going. I basically watch, learn, get on stage and dream I'll be as good.

Patch:  What can people expect at the Chase Club show?

Hortman: When people get to The Chase Club they can expect to see a little sexy dude take the stage. My comedy is clean, clever and thought provoking. It's been described as "Clean but not soft." So expect to get laughs from the friend that feels like you've known your entire life!

Want to go? Rahn Hortman and Lee Willis will perform at The Chase Club, 12125 West Linebaugh Avenue on Saturday April 14, 8:30pm-11:30pm. This event is free admission.


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