Outback's New "Out Front" Bar Concept Brings New Drinks, Dishes

Each week "Cheers, Westchase!" helps you kick off your weekend, highlighting either a beer, cocktail or wine you can find right here in the neighborhood.

Typically in "Cheers, Westchase!", we focus on locally-owned small businesses serving up unique wines, beers and cocktails. Today we veer off that path, if but for one day, and highlight a behemoth in the restaurant industry. But the reason for doing so is actually some really cool local news: Did you know that the Citrus Park Outback Steakhouse is the exclusive location in the country featuring the brand new "Outfront Bar?"

Outfront Bar is new a concept that combines a bar and a kitchen, right out front, in the middle of the resaturant. Chefs prepare innovative bar food and unique, hand-crafted cocktails in the center of all the action.

If you visit the Outfront bar, be sure try the new Blackberry Mojito. With a deep purple-y hue, the ingredients are:

  • Mount Gay Rum Eclipse Silver (which is named after a total solar eclipse that occurred on Barbados in 1910)
  • Fresh blackberries muddled with mint leaves
  • Lime juice and orange marmalade
  • Monin Gourmet Blackberry Syrup
  • A splash of club soda

It's refreshing, fruit-forward but not too summery. If you're looking for a food pairing, try a "Small" -- small plates meant for sharing, also new to Outback. Our favorites upon a recent visit? Diablo: wood-grilled sirloin skewers over crostinis drizzled with a signature pepper steak sauce, and Garlic Pepper Shrimp: house-breaded popcorn shrimp, tossed in garlic and four-pepper seasoning, served with a side of chili sauce. Insider tip: there are also some new desserts called "Sweets", so save room for those!

Cheers, Westchase!

matt sargent November 01, 2012 at 07:42 PM
So where is the picture of the outside bar/kitchen?


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