Blend's Expansion Makes Cocktails More Mobile

Remodeled changes have taken place at two of Westchase's favorite bars, Blend Lounge and World of Beer.

If you've been to or recently, you may have noticed some changes in the look and feel of those places. Patch recently caught up with Nicole Saj, marketing manager for WOB and Blend, who shared some details about the bar's expansion and what patrons can expect in the coming new year.

Patch: How long did these project take? Were there any setbacks due to zoning laws or any other unforeseen challenges?

Saj: The entire project took a month. It went very smoothly. Luckily, it didn't cause any kind of imposition to our customers and we were able to function business as usual (minus a few days with temporary boarded up walls.)

Patch: What does the expansion entail – new furniture, bar, etc?

Saj: The remodel has given both World of Beer and Blend an entirely new look. We removed all the store front windows and walls and replaced them with a vanishing glass wall system. The glass walls are set on a track, and when closed the store front consists entirely of floor to ceiling windows. The facelift/expansion has really enhanced the customer experience at both WOB and Blend. We're now zoned to have drinks out front and our guests can now enjoy both a refreshing cocktail and the beautiful Florida weather without having to leave their bar stool.

Patch: Any thoughts on what this means for WOB and Blend moving into 2012?

Saj: This remodel has been one of the best things we could have done for our locations. We have literally taken down all barriers and have made both places more welcoming and open. It really changes the whole experience. We are now in the process of installing a roll down system on the back patio that totally encloses the back patio which makes it perfect in any weather conditions.

Patch: Anything else to add?

Saj: We are revamping our menu to include new seasonal drinks, we have a new website in the works, the staff has new uniforms, a new happy hour special and we're going to roll out all the new changes on Jan. 25 at our anniversary party.


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