Fitness-Tek Uses Science to Achieve Results

The gym is owned by a Carrollwood couple and includes chiropractic care.

When you first enter Fitness-Tek you know there's some fitness going on, but you're also thinking science lab. Or is it medical-related?

Soon you realize it's all of the above and it makes sense.

That's exactly what I found when I paid a visit to the gym recently. The hardwood floors and top of the line Vortex fitness machinery that populate the gym are cool, but owners Kristin and Kevin Votta provide a warm touch of approachability.

The Vottas, who live in Carrollwood, began operating at Fitness-Tek two years ago at the 8721 Gunn Highway location. Their plan was to buy out the original owner in four years. Six months ago they achieved that goal two years ahead of time.

The gym utilizes MAT, or Muscle Activation Technique, and is one of the few to use this technique in the Tampa Bay area. The approach is that by improving muscle contraction in turn improves muscles and in turn makes your body healthier. It may seem a bit heady, but it doesn't have to be.

"We figure out what muscles aren't working and get them working again," explains Kristin Votta in plain language. "So you can focus on what matters."

Checks and balances are the point of MAT. 

There are few heavy pound weights in the gym or rows of treadmills. There are many light weights, resistance bands, a mat, and some fitness machinery.

Kevin Votta quickly adopted MAT in his fitness career that began eight years ago. The science major had a mobile fitness company called Better Body Fitness. He had developed a five-year plan, which included becoming stationary. A month later they met the former Fitness-Tek owner, he said.

Kevin and Kristin say having someone to work with on buying the business was the boost they needed to be successful.

The location worked as well. Located on Gunn Highway, the gym is central to Westchase, Odessa, Citrus Park and Carrollwood.

"It's the main artery," Kristin said. "Everybody knows it."

Last month Fitness-Tek held a grand opening and invited others in the business community. Kevin and Kristin are both active with the Westchase Area Business Association.

More recent news is the addition of Omni Chiropractic and Dr. Daniel Olson at Fitness-Tek.

"We wanted a chiropractor here who would be a value add for our customers," Kevin said. "We can get these muslces moving, but there are modalities that he can work with."

The relationship works both ways.

After Dr. Olson treats a patient he can refer him to Fitness-Tek's MAT training.

"MAT is a way for us to get the adjustment I make to hold longer," Olson said.

The studio also offers wellness seminars on a monthly basis.

"We want people to get to the point where they know their bodies well enough," Olson said. "We don't want to create a need for ourselves."

For more information contact Fitness-Tek Private Personal Training Studio at 813-406-0827 or visit their Facebook Page.


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