New Housing Development Comes to Countryway Area

The Champions Forest neighborhood will be located near Alonso High School.

A new housing development is under construction in the Countryway Area.

The development will include 91 single family homes located at the intersection of Montague Street and Memorial Highway.

The community named Champions Forest is an Ashton Woods Homes development and would consist of three- and four-bedroom homes. Ashton Woods has constructed numerous communities in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

Crenshaw Reserve, located in Lutz, is an Ashton Woods development.

The Champions Forest neighborhood is still in the early stages. Land is currently being cleared and utilities are being installed underground, said Mike Roche, vice president of sales and marketing for Ashton Woods.

Construction on curbing and roads will begin in the next month, Roche said. Two model homes - a 1,700-square-foot home and a 3,400-square-foot home - should be complete by January.

The community, which is within walking distance of Super Target at 11627 W. Hillsborough Ave. and Alonso High School, has already created a buzz.

"We have had a tremendous amount of interest in Champions Forest," Roche said. "We get 5 to 10 phone calls a week."

Currently a roundabout exist at the intersection of Memorial Highway and Montague Street.

"Hillsborough County has no plans to alter the roundabout," said Steve Valdez, Hillsborough County spokesperson. "If there are any alterations that are required it would on the developer."

Currently Ashton Woods has no plans to alter the roundabout. A separate left turning lane into the community would be constructed near the roundabout, said Dave Brown, land development manager for Champions Forest.

Ashton Woods has started a VIP interest list for Champions Forest. Pre-sales will begin toward the end of the year.

"We should be able to sell and build all 91 lots in two and a half years," Roche said.

For more information, visit Ashton Woods online.

sharon poole September 25, 2012 at 01:38 PM
I for one am very sad to see this development. a lot of beautiful wild land was destroyed and habitat lost forever for our wildlife. Also, there is already so much traffic congestion in this area, it is going to make things much worse. I forsee students being run over and killed in the future, and road rage over the terrible congestion that is going to result from this project. I will miss seeing the nice wild buffer zone that used to be a small haven for nature lovers and wildlife. Florida is being turned into a parking lot and it makes me very sad. With all the home foreclosures in the pipeline, do we really need to be building yet another batch of homes and destroying more of the environment? Too late now...
Nicole Hutcheson September 25, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Thanks for chiming in Sharon.
Ashley Murphy September 25, 2012 at 08:38 PM
I, too, hate to see land cleared and destroyed and also care about the wildlife. It saddens me as well. But saying you forsee children being ran over and killed? What is your goal in saying that? Just a disturbing, unnecessary visual - more unnecessary than yet another new community in a sea of foreclosures, if you ask me.
sharon poole September 27, 2012 at 02:08 PM
To Ashley Murphy - you must not drive much. Last I heard the Tampa area was number one or two for pedestrian deaths by motor vehicles. I live in this area. I see the high school students who walk together in the road. There is a cross already on the corner by the park where someone died befroe this project was started. There are huge apartment complexes near this development. It takes 10 minutes already to load and unload the buses around there. High school students drive to alonso to go to school....high school drivers. Need I say more.
countryway web September 29, 2012 at 06:03 PM
With so many empty houses in the Tampa area, isn't it very risky to build more?


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