Naked Good: Wine Process Exposes True Pinot Grigio Flavor

Each week "Cheers, Westchase!" helps you kick off your weekend, highlighting either a beer, cocktail or wine you can find right here in the neighborhood.


This week we return to our roots and choose a Westchase Wine of the Week. Simply Naked Pinot Grigio, which you can find at The Village Market for less than $10 a bottle. Naked...wine?

This one is named as such due to the fact that it is unoaked, and instead aged in stainless steel barrels -- leaving the true characteristics of the grapes "exposed" for you to enjoy. Winemakers that choose to age wine in stainless steel vs. oak must use a higher quality grape.

Pinot Grigio Fun Facts:

  • Pinot Grigio grapes vary in color from a deep golden yellow to copper and even a light shade of pink.
  • It is the most popular imported wine in the United States.
  • Researchers have determined that Pinot Grigio has a similar DNA profile to the red Pinot Noir. The color difference comes from a genetic mutation that occurred centuries ago.

Food pairings:

Due to its acidity, you should avoid pairing Pinot Grigio with tomato sauce or citrus-infused dishes. Instead, pair pinot grigio with cheeses,  summer salads, shellfish and light pastas (with sauces other than tomato sauce.)

The Village Market merged with West Park Bagel and Deli, located just  next door this past spring. Now you can grab a glass (or a bottle) of wine and a casual dinner from one central place in West Park Plaza.

Each Friday night from 7-9 p.m., The Village Market holds complimetary wine tastings. Whether you enjoy your wines oaked or "naked" like this one, we raise our glass to you and wish you a weekend full of great times and good spirits.

Cheers, Westchase!


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