Welcome New Patch Community Sales Rep. Leah Thayer

Thayer was hired last month. She has a background in small business and will bring that knowledge to Westchase and Carrollwood Patch sites.

Help us welcome the newest member of the Westchase and Carrollwood Patch teams, Leah Thayer. We asked her to answer 5 questions as an introduction. Feel free to ask her even more questions and welcome her to Westchase.

Patch: Tell me about your background. Where were you born and raised?

Thayer: I was born in Denver, Colorado. My dad was a food broker and wanted to start brokering seafood, so where better to go than Florida? We moved to Northdale in 1979 and I have been in this area my whole life.

Patch: Before coming to Patch, where did you work?

Thayer: I come from a sales background, but it was my time working with Microsoft's "Bing Initiative" that I really flourished and fell in love with online advertising. The chance to talk to all kinds of business owners and fill a need and have a relationship with the advertiser is very rewarding. I also have been working on the sales and marketing side for my husband's pool table service company Billiard Fitter. I believe my role with his company gives me great insight and empathy for the business owners I speak with everyday here at Patch.

Patch: What's a typical day been like as a member of the Patch sales team?

Thayer: My typical day at Patch is never typical. I say this because every person I have the privilege of speaking with, either on the phone or sitting next to in person, all are unique and want something that is specifically tailored to them. This is a great thing because I get to start my day knowing I am going to make a positive impact for somebody's business. Patch encourages us to have and maintain long lasting relationships with our clients and to embrace the fact that businesses are not "one size fits all."

Patch: What's your most favorite thing about working for Patch so far?

Thayer: All of the people at Patch share a commonality - Patch Passion! Everyone believes in Patch because it's not just an advertising vehicle, it is truly a piece of our community.

Patch: Why should Westchase and Carrollwood businesses advertise on Patch?

Thayer: Both Westchase and Carrollwood are a very tight knit area here in Tampa. The importance of putting yourself out there in a hyper local arena and appealing to the people right there in your community is priceless. Reconnecting businesses back with their customers is what Patch has done in hundreds of other communities across America, and that is exactly what it will do for Westchase and Carrollwood.

Leah Thayer can be reached by e-mail at leah.thayer@patch.com or by calling: 813-244-8211.


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