What's Up With The Orange Bikes in Westchase?

Orange bikes have been popping up all over the neighborhood.

If you've noticed brightly painted orange bicycles popping up around Westchase, don't be alarmed.

You're not hallucinating. And no, there isn't some secret orange bike coup d'etat about to take over the neighborhood.

The orange bikes are a colorful marketing strategy for Orange Theory Fitness, a new fitness concept coming to the neighborhood.

The new fitness studio, which specializes in personalized circuit training, is set to open in August. It will be located at 11721 W. Hillsborough Ave. in the Super Target shopping center.

"It's meant to create a buzz about the product," said owner Frank Lugo about the orange bikes around Westchase on a recent day over coffee at Starbucks in West Park Village.

The Westchase Orange Theory Fitness will mark the franchise's fifth location the Tampa Bay area. Other locations areas include South Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Martha Lugo, Frank's wife and co-owner of the gym, began working out at the South Tampa location last year. She liked the intensity and approach of the workout.

Orange Theory Fitness works like this: Each workout session is one hour and is done in a group setting. However, each person's heart rate and caloric burn is tracked and shown on monitors throughout the gym. A personal trainer works the room giving each person attention while maintaining the tempo of the group. Workouts include a mix of circuit training and aerobics.

"You know where you're driving to and so does your instructor," Frank Lugo said about the concept. "It's making personal training affordable."

"You're sharing that cost and getting the same workout as a personal trainer," he said.

The Lugos both have business backgrounds, and always wanted to open their own business and thought Orange Fitness would be a good fit.

"The reward of doing this type of business is not only financial, but it gets us healthier," Frank said.

The Lugos, who live in Countryway, decided to keep their business local.

"We have the advantage of living six minutes from our business," Martha Lugo said.

The gym is currently selling pre-sale memberships at the Hillsborough Avenue location. They plan to open in August. Until then, expect to see those bright orange bikes around town.

For more information about Orange Theory Fitness, visit their website at www.orangetheoryfitness.com or call 813-852-8009.

Have you seen the orange bikes? What did you think about them?


Tonya Sanchez May 08, 2013 at 02:56 PM
Thank you!!! It has been driving me and my kids crazy wondering what they were all about. Great marketing!
Lyzette c May 08, 2013 at 04:39 PM
So excited to have an Orange Theory in tHe Westchase neighborhood. Please keep us posted.
Diana Hernandez May 14, 2013 at 03:42 PM
I just joined the Orange Theory Revolution can't wait to get started!!!


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