If School Supply Lists Could Talk...

Westchase Patch Editor Nicole Hutcheson translates school supply lists and reminisces about a fond time.

Back-To-School time has always had a special feeling to me. It's not a holiday in the literal sense, but there's an energy to this time of year. When I lived up north, I remember it being a time when you could start riding in the car with the windows down (no a/c needed) and my Saturday's went from pool and beach with my buddies to hours looking for the right backpack.

Among my fondest back to school memories is seeing the upcoming year's school supply list. I'm still a stickler for cool notebooks and pens. So I guess my obsession was rooted in those early school supply list years.

There were always the necessities like paper, folders and glue. But how could I sneak in the extras like the sparkly pencils that writes in glitter? "Math would be so much better with it," I'd think to myself.

And what about the first year you had to buy a protractor? "You mean, they're going to teach me what to do this with this thing?" I puzzled. "Ok, whatever you say."

Back to my present life. As a mom to a preschooler, I'm coming to terms that I'll be tackling one of these lists in the foreseeable future.

Curious, I decided to scan just what elementary schools in the Westchase area were requiring of students. It spoke not only to the academic substance of the upcoming year, but the personal growth a kid might experience during those months.

Very telling stuff.

Just like first and second graders at Lowry Elementary, third graders are also asked to bring 1-pack of 24 Crayons, but they're also asked to bring 1-pack of colored pencils. They'll need to be more precise this year with drawing and coloring, and they're also handling more responsibility. Colored pencils are elegant and delicate. This supply list item says, You're in third grade now, so you can handle it, right?

Believe it or not kindergartners have the longest school supply list of all five grades. Most area schools had about 15 items or more on the kindergarten school supply list. Required supplies like baby wipes and a towel counter more mature supplies like pencils and 1 large eraser, found on list. I'm hearing, These are still little guys so we know they'll make mistkes. But they're going to be held accountable for their educational tasks as well.

Speaking of Westchase Elementary, second graders have to bring in 36 yellow Ticonderoga #2 pencils sharpened. You'll be writing and plenty of it... so you'll need a good pencil, I can hear that school supply list item stating matter of factly.

I felt really out of touch when I spotted this supply requirement for 4th graders at - 1 Headphone/Earbuds (3.5 mm jack.) Headphones were a no-no in my fourth grade class. I'm assuming they're needed now because of all the work kids do on the computer these days.

I vaguely remember computers when I was in elementary school. The screens were black and the letters green. I think I preferred using the Encyclopedias. Those were cool.

 At , 3 Plastic Folders w/ prongs and pockets and 3 spiral, single subject notebooks are required for 5th graders. This year is about preparing for middle school. You'll be changing classes a bit, learning different subjects, and meeting all sorts of personalities and challenges, this supply says gently. But you'll figure it out. And it's a lesson you'll put to good use for the rest of your life. 

Happy Back To School Westchase!

Click on the schools below to go directly to their school supply lists:

Mary Bryant Elementary

Deer Park Elementary

Lowry Elemetnary

Westchase Elementary

Farnell Middle School

Davidsen Middle School's list was not found online.






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