TECO Offers Tips for Holiday Lights

The company provided a list of pointers.

This just in from the Tampa Electric Company:

As folks deck the halls in coming weeks, Tampa Electric would like to offer a few handy tips for a safer, more energy-efficient holiday season.

Consider investing in energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lights. LED lights have dropped in price in recent years and are now available in more colors and styles. LEDs do not produce heat, so they reduce the risk of a fire and are safer than incandescent lights. They are also more durable.

At Tampa Electric, where safety is a top priority, we offer these additional tips for your home during the holidays:

·         Make sure your holiday lights and cords are in good condition (no broken lights or frayed cords).

·         Never string holiday lights on or near power lines. When using a ladder to install lights outdoors, look above your head before climbing the ladder to ensure you are not near power lines.

·         Never place electric cords under a rug or door, or around a sharp edge or corner. Keep all cords away from high-traffic areas in your home.

·         Never use indoor lights outside, and don’t overload electrical outlets.

·         Be sure to turn off holiday lights before going to bed or leaving home – or use a timer, so it can do the work for you.

·         Make sure a reliable testing laboratory, like the Underwriter's Laboratory, has inspected your holiday lights.

·         If you have a natural Christmas tree, make sure it has enough water to keep branches from drying out, which can pose a fire hazard.

For additional safety tips, please visit us online: www.tampaelectric.com/safety.


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