Where are the Best Holiday Displays in Westchase?

We'd like to compile a list of must-see neighborhoods aglow in Christmas cheer.

Piling up the kids in the one-horse open sleigh—or, you know, the car—for a drive around town to check out Christmas displays is one of my favorite holiday activities.

We usually cruise through a drive thru (much easier in a car than a sleigh) and grab egg nog milkshakes, then drive around aimlessly till we stumble on festive streets. But it's also great when we know just where to head to, to find the most dazzling displays of holiday cheer.

That's where you come in. Do you know of certain streets around Westchase that are all decked out? Post your suggestions in the comments below so we can compile a list of must-see streets and neighborhoods this season.

And if you happen to snap a photo of a great display, upload it to the photo gallery!

Happy Holidays, Lutz!


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