DIY: Essence of Spa Home Spray

Ever wanted to bottle the smell of your favorite spa and take it home?

Ever wanted to bottle the smell of your favorite spa and take it home?

Most spas have a distinct, pleasant aroma when you walk in the door. You are immediately greeted with a sense of instant relaxation. Smell is directly connected to memory and when you have had a pleasurable experience at the spa, that same scent can elicit the same feel-good feelings when you visited.

Many spas use a wide variety of products and that combination is what creates that unique smell making it difficult to mimic the exact scent. A great alternative is to purchase pure essential oils from your

Some wonderful and therapeutic oils to choose from are:

  • lemongrass to refresh
  • lavender for balance
  • eucalyptus to invigorate
  • sandalwood to ground

Mix 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle with purified water and shake well before each use. Use the spray mists in your home, office or car.

Enjoy the essence of spa anytime!

Kelly Seeley and Tylene Headley are founders of spa50.com, the authority on Tampa Bay area day spas and online resource for spa owners and spa-going consumers.


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