What People Are Saying: Champions Forest

We reported a story on the new development coming to Countryway. You sounded off.

Earlier this week we reported a story about a new housing development that is going up at the intersection of Montague Street and Memorial Highway. The neighborhood is named Champions Forest and will be 91 units of three and four bedroom single family homes.

Some of you were happy to see the new development coming to the area like our Facebook Fan Jennifer Bennett King who wrote "Can't wait to move in! :)" over on our page.

Others weren't as elated.

Christine T. Karam Jowdy wrote, "So sad to see acres of trees cleared. Do we really need more housing?"

Others agreed with her.

"I, too, hate to see land cleared and destroyed and also care about the wildlife. It saddens me as well. But saying you forsee children being ran over and killed? What is your goal in saying that? Just a disturbing, unnecessary visual - more unnecessary than yet another new community in a sea of foreclosures, if you ask me" was a comment left by Ashley Murphy on our website.

And reader Sharon Poole left this comment: "This I for one am very sad to see this development. a lot of beautiful wild land was destroyed and habitat lost forever for our wildlife. Also, there is already so much traffic congestion in this area, it is going to make things much worse. I forsee students being run over and killed in the future, and road rage over the terrible congestion that is going to result from this project. I will miss seeing the nice wild buffer zone that used to be a small haven for nature lovers and wildlife. Florida is being turned into a parking lot and it makes me very sad. With all the home foreclosures in the pipeline, do we really need to be building yet another batch of homes and destroying more of the environment? Too late now..."

So what do you think about the new Champions Forest community? Tell Us In The Comments.

Anthony Riol September 29, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Very sad indeed, Hillsborough County should ave protected this beautiful conservation but once again $ has shown to be the biggest incentive. I live in Countryway and always thought this was protected. Many wildlife will die from this:(
Joe Dirt October 10, 2012 at 09:30 PM
I live next to the new subdivision and I think it's great. That property was originally going to be developed into town homes, but the developer lost the property. Ashton Woods bought it and is going to put up single family homes starting at $220K and up. That sounds great for our property value and generating more property tax for the county. Those woods were being used by kids that wanted to drink beer and do other things you parent don't want your kids doing. Other times, people were trespassing on that land to ride their motorcycles, ATV's and 4x4's. as for the wildlife, it is still around there is plenty more forest that is left for those deer, raccoon, armadillos and other wildlife to live in.


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