Man Sentenced To Life After Town 'N Country Shooting Spree

The 2010 shooting spree left 1 dead and 2 people injured.

A Hillsborough man pled guilty to all charges stemming from a 2010 shooting spree in Town 'N Country that left one dead and two injured, according to law enforcement.

Andre R. Watkins, 55, was sentenced to eight life sentences with no possibility of parole by Judge Kimberly Fernandez.

The shooting spree began on the evening of Feb. 12, 2010, at the 7-Eleven located at Linebaugh Avenue and Plantation. There, authorities say Watkins carjacked a F150 pickup truck in the parking lot and forced the victim at gunpoint to drive him to the address of 10536 Chadbourne Drive where Watkins fired several rounds into a vehicle parked at the address with two men and one woman seated inside.

The two male passengers escaped the scene, while the female passenger, 22-year-old Alyssa Marie Aracich was shot and later died at the scene.

After forcing the F150 driver to take him back to the 7-Eleven, Watkins traveled to his mother's home where he switched cars and continued his shooting spree by going to the home of a man and shooting the resident before finally stopping at the Linebaugh Avenue and Anderson Road BP gas station and shooting the attendant.

Watkins was eventually captured at 1:00 a.m. the following day while pumping gas at the Marathon Gas Station located at Interstate 4 and Forbes Road. He was arrested without incident and charged with first degree murder, five counts of attempted murder, armed carjacking and armed kidnapping.


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