Alex Sink: Florida Is 'Where the Action Is' In Election

The former Chief Financial Officer held a pro-Obama press conference during Saturday's pro-Romney rally.

The way former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink sees it, it’s “all about the ground game now” in the race for the next president.

“I’m confident that the Obama team has the organization in place to carry the State of Florida because Florida is still hanging in the balance and we still believe … this is where the action is,” she said in a press conference that countered Gov. Mitt Romney’s rally Saturday.

Sink was flanked by local educators who support President Barack Obama. They say Obama has a plan to retrain more than 2 million workers through the creation of partnerships with community colleges and high schools.

“Here we are on the grounds of a public school, and we have seen so many policies coming out of the Romney/Ryan budget that do not support public schools,” Sink said. “We are here to stand up for public school teachers, but most importantly for our kids because they deserve a better future.” 

Sink, who was also pushing early voting, said Romney will do little to help the middle class, which is having an increasingly difficult time paying for college, reports show.

“President Obama has plans to continue this race to the top we have in Florida so our kids are better prepared for the jobs of the 21st century,” she said.


Sink only spoke briefly about the controversy surrounding the district allowing Romney to speak at a public school. When running for governor, Sink had been denied a request to film a commercial on a Pasco County school campus. 

“Here’s a simple answer to that: The school board and superintendent should have a written policy about the use of public facilities by candidates, and whatever the rules are that they establish, should be consistently applied whether the candidate is a Democrat or Republican,” she said when asked by a reporter. “That makes it easy so there is no controversy.”

Grace October 28, 2012 at 12:08 PM
In the last gov election, Scott only got 25000 more votes than Alex did. That's not really a lot of votes. And look where that got us. The Republican hierarchy have avoided Scott like the plague, he keeps putting his foot in his mouth, insulting the King of Spain and then giving out a sex hotline phone number in a speech. FL is a mess, where are the jobs he was going to create? Is FL better off? Heck no. But I guess if you spend 70 million dollars you can do anything you want and be elected to almost any office you want.....
Michael Lewis October 28, 2012 at 03:48 PM
She needs to crawl back into the hole from wince she came.....


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