Obama Tampa Fundraiser to Include Eddie Vedder, $20,000 Price Tag

Tickets are $20,000 and include a performance by Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder.

Democrats with $20,000 to spare are invited to get up close and personal with President Barack Obama when he comes to Tampa Thursday, Sept 20.

The Hillsborough County Democratic Party is hosting an evening reception with the president at the Tampa home of Lisa DeBartolo and husband Donn Miggs, with a special performance by Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam. The exact address will be given out when guests RSVP. 

DeBartolo is the executive vice president of DeBartolo Holdings LLC and the daughter of Edward DeBartolo Jr., the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers.

This Thursday's fundraiser isn't cheap. According to the Hillsborough County Democratic Party, tickets are $20,000. This is expected be Obama's last major fundraiser before the end of this financial reporting cycle so organizers are hoping for a big turnout.

According to a blog on Tampabay.comchef Tyler Florence will be cooking the food and the event is expected to be less than 50 people

Those interested should RSVP at this link.

Would you spend $20,000 to meet President Obama and Eddie Vedder?

Lynda September 25, 2012 at 04:09 AM
Well, George, I am very sorry for hurting your feelings. Who knew from your posts that you would be so sensitive to being called a cynic; I assumed it was a matter of pride with you. And since I gave up competition when I retired, I certainly will concede your record of service to world is much better than mine. The only difference, I am still trying. You have apparently given up. I am astonished that four years ago you were able to put aside your feelings that you live in a "plutocracy with a thin veneer of democracy" and vote for President Obama. And, now, just four years later, your disappointment is so great that you will not vote at all. Just what kind of magic did you expect from President Obama? Anyone who voted for him thinking he was going to wave some kind of wand and the disaster that was our financial crisis would just go away and the disaster that was Iraq would just end by sprinkling pixie dust over the country was certainly going to be disappointed. Many of us who voted for President Obama knew he was a talented politician with a center-right pragmatism our country needed to clean up the mess from the previous 8 years of crony government headed by a Texas oil man and a Wyoming neo-con who, by the way, was one of the most experienced men to ever serve as President in fact. We did not expect the GOP to obstruct everything he tried to do and to deny policies they invented. You know the reason they obstruct him-- will continue obstructing-- as well I do.
Lynda September 25, 2012 at 04:22 AM
Your post says it all and so perfectly describes the GOP voter. And your candidate had the arrogance to call poor Americans, "victims who feel entitled". Amazing. just amazing. May you always live in a community composed only of Republicans who apparently always agree with you.
George Gould September 25, 2012 at 05:10 AM
Lynda, no apology is necessary. Neither seeing the world as it is nor realizing one's limitations in making changes to that world make one a cynic. Even though I see our system as a plutocracy with a democratic veneer, that doesn't mean I never act foolishly and attempt to change the system if I think change is possible. I thought I saw that possibility with Obama in 2008. I didn't expect miracles from him and I recognize the obstructionism of the Republicans on Capitol Hill. Even knowing that he would protect his wealthy supporters on Wall Street, I did not think he would totally oversee Bush's 3rd term in office. I don't think he has made the country worse but he has done almost nothing to make it better either. That is why I honestly don't see him as any different from Romney. Actually Obama is cooler but Romney is funnier (unintentionally). Come 2016, it will make no difference whom we elected in 2012. The world will be as it will be.That is just my opinion. Yours may differ. I'm sure it does. So be it. "You know the reason they obstruct him-- will continue obstructing-- as well I do." You call the Republicans racists. They call Obama a Socialist and a Muslim among other things. Most of them are no more racist than Obama is a Socialist or a Muslim. Stupid charges. It's all part of American politics. Political campaigns are part of the bread and circuses offered us by the plutocrats to make us think we really have a say in how we are governed..
Freedom September 25, 2012 at 08:47 AM
Oh Dear Dear Lynda, you are so misinformed, first of all I get a kick out of how liberals mind works when it comes to twisting words out of context, acting like you own the world & that your views are the only ones & foo with anybody else that you don't agree with, I am amazed & amused how you react every time I post, well I have a suggestion for you, why don't you accept the fact I am who I am & You are who You are; don't take things so negatively, we all make our own choices which we are all free to do so :)
Freedom September 25, 2012 at 10:31 PM
Hey George hope you are having a nice Tuesday :) In my opinion cracking jokes is good when things get too serious & out of control in these posts, providing they aren't insulting or demeaning!


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