Positive Sign for Romney in Florida?

More Republicans than Democrats are requesting absentee ballots in the Sunshine State.

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that GOP voters lead in Florida when it comes to absentee ballot requests. The campaign staff for Gov. Mitt Romney sees that as a positive sign for the candidate's run against Democrat President Barack Obama.

"The Romney campaign says there is tangible evidence of the momentum toward Romney after his strong debate performance last week: absentee ballot request and returns. 'Our supporters literally can’t wait to vote for Governor Romney – and they are doing it early,' said spokeswoman Jill Bader.

"Here are the numbers, showing GOP voters are leading Democrats in absentee ballot request by more than 4 percent and in returns by more than 7 percent:

"AB Requests: REP 855,344 (43.40%, +4.43); DEM 767,968 (38.97%)

"AB Returns: REP 12,323 (45.54%, +7.51); DEM 10,289 (38.03%)"

Rick Baker, Romney Cabinet?

On the prominent conservative website The Blaze, Baker is pegged as the "exciting" choice for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The former two-term mayor would be "a strong ideological choice, but would also be able to get some support from urban Democrats, given his ideas about investing heavily in downtown areas."

Polling Datat From Keyy Congressional Races

Here is a look at fresh polling numbers in five key battleground races via  St. Pete Polls. (Margin of error +/- 4.9%.)

  •  CD 2 - Democrat Al Lawson 46.5%, Republican Steve Southerland 45.7%, Undecided 7.8%
  • CD 9 - Democrat Alan Grayson 45.0%, Republican Todd Long 42.2%; Undecided 12.8%
  • CD 10 - Democrat Val Demings 40%, Republican Dan Webster 51.4%
  • CD 18 - Democrat Patrick Murphy 40.6%, Republican Alan West 52.6%
  • CD 22 - Democrat Lois Frankel 44.3%, Republican Adam Hasner 44.6%


DCCC REDUCES BIG CENTRAL FLORIDA AD BUY  via Mark Matthews of the Orlando Sentinel

"National Democrats have scaled back plans to spend $2 million in television ads for U.S House candidates in Central Florida, reducing the amount of that reservation by at least $300,000.

"The cutback in late October is being done because the group that made the reservation — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — sees a 'clear path to victory”'forAlan Grayson in his race.

CRIST ENDORSING KEITH FITZGERALD: First it was Patrick Murphy, then it was Al Lawson and Bill Nelson. Now you can add Keith Fitzgerald to the list of Democratic candidates being supported by former Governor Charlie Crist. Jeremy Wallace of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports threports that the former Republican turned Obama surrogate is supporting Fitzgerald in his congressional race against incumbent Republican US Rep. Vern Buchanan.



James Thomas October 10, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Joseph, how much is your salary from the Obama Campaign? I bet you're one of the 1%.
Tony October 11, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Hey pinhead, Romney lies and will hurt our nation? What rock did you crawl out from? What has the king and his court done the last 4 years but absolutely destroy this country? From bowing to Saudi Kings to his lies about the killing of an Ambassador in Libya (not to mention 2 ex Navy Seals while the terrorists were at it), to his EPA issuing regulations controlling a gas necessary for life on the planet and preventing the drilling for oil on public lands (he's 2/3 the way to his goal of $5-6/gallon gasoline--oh, and checked your electric bill recently?), then there's the free money give-a-ways to the solar industry costing the American taxpayer hundreds of millions. One of your leftist friends mentioned Medicare. Now, what is Obama going to do to Medicare? How about cutting 500 billion dollars to pour into obozocare. He tries to fool the public by saying its just waste and redundancy, 500 BILLION dollars worth? Then there's his brilliant wife's 'obesity epidemic' and the severe restrictions on quantity and quality of food for school lunches. I could go on and on as to how this socialist is Changing America but you'd just say they were all right wing lies, too bad I'm not lying or right wing. Talk about a bunch of lemmings.
Tony October 11, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Lynda, you have plenty of accusations but no proof to offer. More Republicans are asking for absentee ballots because they don't want to be screwed like in 2008 when fake voters lined the polling stations in heavily Republican districts, thereby sending many voters home thinking these fake voters were on a tremendously long line. As for early voting, that was a ploy invented by the far left. The US Constitution providws for 1 election DAY, not election week or election month. Look at Iowa for example, they started early voting a week before the first debate. How many people said 'oops, I should have waited. Romney deserves at least a further look)'? You sheep are voting for his highness only hecause of his skin color and you think its such a wonderful thing that you got to vote for HIM like he's the second coming. Doesn't matter what his qualifications were. That a hell of a way to choose the leader of the free world.
wf October 15, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Watergate .... Benghazigate IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!
Colter95 November 01, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Romney is going to rock Florida on November 6th!! Every voter needs to read this excellent article... Very well worth your time... http://spectator.org/archives/2012/11/01/benghazi-obamas-core-deceit/


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