Romney Promises 'Real Change'

Gov. Mitt Romney expounded on his 5-point plan during a speech in Tampa Wednesday. Notables in the crowd included former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco, a Democrat.

Gov. Mitt Romney Romney took the stage to a roar of applause just before 11 a.m. Wednesday in front of a crowd of thousands who waited in a chilly airplane hangar for the presidential candidate’s arrival in Tampa.

Wearing a black-and-white striped tie and his sleeves rolled up, Romney looked more informal than in previous appearances.

“My view is straight forward, I believe this is the time for America to take a different course,” Romney told the crowd. “With 23 million Americans struggling to find a good job, this is something that requires a different path than we've been on.

“I will bring real change,” Romney said. “Real reform."

Wednesday’s Tampa stop is among a trifecta of Florida visits for the presidential candidate who will be making stops in Coral Gables and Jacksonville later today.

Called a “Victory Rally,” Romney used Wednesday’s visit to explain his 5-point plan to stimulate the economy. The plan includes tapping domestic oil reserves, promoting trade with Latin America, better education, balancing the budget and lowering taxes for small and large businesses.

“For those things to happen, it’s going to require something that Washington talks about that hasn’t happened in a long, long time,” Romney said. “Reaching across the aisle.”

Romney said he had experience doing just that as governor of Massachusetts working with a majority Democrat senate.

“We worked together, we had a multi-billion budget gap,” Romney said. “Instead of fighting each other, each party took some responsibility for the deficit. We cut spending in our state and then we cut taxes as well. 

“This can happen; it has to happen in Washington,” Romney said. “We’ve got to come together.”

Romney’s message resonated with Steve Brady of Plant City.

“Romney is going to get America back to work,” said Brady, 48.

“It’s not that I think (President Barack) Obama is a bad person,” said Brady, an associate pastor at Harmony Baptist Church. “His policies have failed.”

Wednesday’s visit took place at Landmark Aviation on Westshore Boulevard where Romney’s private plane served as the backdrop. The plane painted red, white and blue had Romney’s logo on the back wing and “Believe In America” painted on the side.

A Who’s Who of the Republican party took the stage prior to Romney, including Sen. Marco Rubio, former Gov. Jeb Bush, Congressman Connie Mack, Attorney General Pam Bondi and State Rep. Dana Young.

Their messages were unified in promoting Romney’s past experience as what makes him a right fit for the job of president.

A notable non-Republican also showed up in support of Romney.

Tampa’s former mayor Dick Greco addressed the audience before Romney took the stage.

“I’m a registered Democrat. So what,” Greco told the crowd.  “This is the most important election in my lifetime by far.”

Greco touted Romney’s family life and business acumen as reasons to elect him.

“We’re blessed to have a man like Gov. Mitt Romney running,” he said. “Look at his record as a person, a family man … everything he’s undertaken he’s excelled at.”

State Rep. Dana Young called Wednesday’s rally a “celebration for the election of Mitt Romney as president of the United States of America.”

“Mitt Romney is a problem solver, a uniter and together those make a great leader for America,” Young said. “If you believe in people who want real work, not just a pat on the back and a government check the answer is Mitt Romney."

Romney said parts of his 5-point plan would stimulate the job market, including his interest in exploring domestic oil and lowering taxes for businesses.

“It creates a lot of jobs in states that use energy,” he said. “When energy is low-cost and abundant it will bring manufacturing back.”

Another particularly popular point with the crowd was Romney talking about helping small businesses and lowering taxes.

“We’ve got to help small business,” he said to a round of applause. “We want to make it easier for small businesses to open their doors and keep business going.”

That was a message that spoke to Carrollwood resident Robert Penaranda. The 58-year-old immigrated to the United States from Cuba when he was 8. He's owned his own landscaping business for 30 years, but has been struggling recently.

"He's a businessman and the United States is a business and you need a business mind to run it," Penaranda said.

Romney also used his speech to pay homage to the veterans in the crowd asking all vets to raise their hand and receive applause.

“It’s a part of the American character that we live for something bigger than ourselves,” he said. “I think of the men and women who serve in the military who put themselves in harms way for our prosperity and future.”

Romney closed his brief speech by expounding on the song “America The Beautiful.” He said the song starts off describing the physical characteristics of America, but then describes the characteristics of the American heart.

“You don’t have to be larger than life to be a hero,” he said. “Just larger than yourself.”

Cisco November 02, 2012 at 08:40 AM
The Coming Romney Boom-Mitt can jump-start the economy even before tackling tax reform. If Mitt Romney is elected and secures Republican control of both houses of Congress, the U.S. could be poised for a vertiginous economic snap back. http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/330059/coming-romney-boom-mona-charen#
Doc Webb's Bay Post November 02, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Obama economics just won't work. The idea of asking the wealthy to pay a "little more" is the economic equivalent of the camel's nose under the tent. Once Obama is reelected he will push tax increases to help fund the growing welfare state. As the demands on government increase, these taxes on wealth creators will necessarily have to increase. When the wealth creators no longer see the advantage of creating their wealth through investment in this country, they will either stop creating jobs or move their entrepreneurship to other countries. The welfare state will continue to grow and the only way to fund it will be to borrow massive amounts of money running up an unmanageable national debt. Ultimately everything crashes. Four more years of an Obama presidency will likely put so far into the social/welfare, wealth redistribution model that it will be almost impossible to return to a market based economy. Throughout history we have always had the poor, the middle class and the wealthy. Every society that has taxed the wealthy out of existence has failed. Mitt Romney has the answers, he the right person to get us back on track.
Harborite November 02, 2012 at 12:15 PM
When you refer to the "welfare state", are you referring to our federal government programs that send seniors monthly social security checks and provides them Medicare health coverage when they're elderly? Or are you referring to our government programs like FEMA that is providing assistance to the victims of Hurricane Sandy? Or are you referring to the corporate welfare that large corporations receive like tax breaks for big oil and farm supports for large agri-businesses? What won't work is Romney economics where the wealthy receive more tax cuts, military spending greatly increases, capital gains taxes that benefit the wealthy are eliminated, Medicare turns into a voucher system, and the middle class safety net disappears in order to pay for additional tax cuts for the wealthy.
Michael D. November 02, 2012 at 12:47 PM
They could, just like Bush Jr. did. Just hopefully it will not be based on Credit like the Job Boom created in 2002.
Michael D. November 02, 2012 at 12:50 PM
I love the agrument, why are we asking the upper class to pay more. I'm asking both the upper and lower class to pay more. The Middle Class pays on average 30% of their income to taxes. Where as the Upper and Lower classes pay an average of 14% of their income to taxes. Doesn't seem a little unfair to anyone else? So yes, I'm asking that the upper class pay more, I'm asking they pay the same as people making in most cases 80%-90% less than them. There should be a flat percentage, with no loopholes.
Michael D. November 02, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Doc, I am asking the upper and lower class both to pay a little more. I feel there should be a flat tax without loopholes. I do not believe a family making $60,000 should pay 30% of their income in taxes when someone making 2,500,000 is only paying 14% of their income in taxes. That just seems a little unfair to me. As for your agrument that with less taxes become more jobs, that has never truly worked out for this country. Bush did that, and those tax cuts have been in place since 2002. Why is everyone looking for work? Obama's economics in that regard were the continuation of the Bush economics due to legislation by the Republican Congress. So your agrument on that front is flawed. Joe C., there has been an increase of people using the system as a source of revenue. To say it is just in the examples you state is just inaccurate. People are abusing the system. There needs to be more enforcement are rules around it. The problem isn't the program, it is how the program is used. There needs to be checks and balances, and right now there are no true balances. As far as Corporation Tax cuts, a number of big companies are suggesting a flat corporate tax which would initially drop the rate, but remove the loopholes. There was a great article about it two months ago in Fortune.
Lynda November 02, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Another interesting proposal would be to have each of the 50 states get back from the Federal Government only the dollar amount their citizens and businesses actually pay in Federal Taxes. Many (if not most) of the so-called "red" states receive considerably more money than their citizens and corporations pay. This would be sort of a "flat tax" on states and just as "fair". I just wonder how many elections it would take to turn "red" states "blue". While I generally find "Doc" a reasonable conservative person, his idea that a second term of President Obama would lead to a "Welfare State" in four years is nonsense. The Congress isn't able to write and pass the complicated legislation to turn this country into anything remotely like a welfare state in four years. Congress can hardly pass bills to name Post Offices. President Obama is a center-right pragmatist; his tax plan doesn't even return the taxes on the so-called "job creators" to the levels under President Clinton when we all prospered. "Doc" you may have your reasons for voting for Gov. Romney, but economic sanity can't be one of them. Check out the editorial from The Economist endorsing President Obama. And do you really think Mayor Bloomberg is endorsing an anti-business President?
Michael D. November 02, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Linda, I like the state proposal, I haven't heard that one before. Might do some research on that one to see the total revenues.
Harborite November 02, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Doc's statements that Pres. Obama is going to turn our country into a 'Welfare State" and that Obama believes in "Wealth Distribution" are just classic Karl Rove lies. The Republican Party has become a party that only spreads fear and misinformation to confuse the voters. They receive money from billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers to spread their lies to the low information voters. The current Repubican Party mainly sells fear. Fear of socialism, minorities, immigrants, muslims, feminists, atheists, poor people, gays, and of having a black president. I see the younger people at Pres. Obama's rallies and mostly older people at Romney's rallies. If all the Republican party has to offer is fear, the future will clearly belong to the Democratic Party.
Joseph Robert November 02, 2012 at 07:42 PM
LIke the Washington Post reports, Romney's campaign is an insult to voters http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/mitt-romneys-election-campaign-insults-voters/2012/11/02/69fcc1fc-2428-11e2-9313-3c7f59038d93_story.html
Watts November 02, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Is suggesting to change things back to the George W years, really a "change?" Or is the change that he is talking about, really a world without FEMA? Don't you wish that in these last days, that he would actually answer questions in regards to FEMA, given that it is currently the most relevant issue for millions of Americans?
Beth Norquist November 02, 2012 at 07:53 PM
NO THANK YOU! I don’t want Romney’s version of change including: A severely conservative Supreme Court. Tax and jobs plan that doesn’t make mathematical sense as most experts say. 1% percent control of the nation Leader who says “corporations are people”, and puts the needs of corporations before the people. Higher taxes for middle class and lower taxes for the rich. Medicare taken bankrupt in 2016, as reports indicate Overturn of Roe vs Wade and return women’s right to the 1950s Leader who condemns 47 percent of Americans Leader with hot and controlling temper who is eager to start war against Iran. I’m very pleased to stay with reliable, proven Obama-Biden who are taking America FORWARD, not backward to the Bush years!
Beth Norquist November 02, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Learn about Mitt Romney’s ideas for leading America – from Mitt Romney! More than 2 million views! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPgfzknYd20&feature=plcp
concerned November 02, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Here's a very insightful, factfilled video of Obama's last four years from the POTUS himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsa4uLmTw0M
News Flash November 02, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Unemployment rate is higher now than Obama started with.
Harborite November 02, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Romney recently approved a commercial that falsely claimed that General Motors and Chrysler, who both received federal bailout money, were moving autoworker jobs out of the U.S. and into China. Both corporations immediately denied that any such plan was being considered. A General Motors official stated clearly that the advertisement was "absolutely bereft of any fundamental understanding of the global automotive industry." In spite of the fact that this advertisement was patently false, Romney refused to pull the ad from Ohio and other midwestern swing states. When confronted with all of the false and misleading statements, Republican Pollster Neil Newhouse stated that the Romney team was ‘‘not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.” There appears to be no shame in the Romney campaign. Unfortunately, many lesser educated voters actually believe these commercials and fall for Romney's endless campaign lies.
Michael D. November 02, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Joe C., Yes, the commerical is misleading. The Truth is that Jeep a division of GM is opening up a manufacturing plant in China to sell to Chinese customers. By the Goverment of China's rules you have to open a plant there partnering with one of their firms to move into the market place. Not that American autos will be made there. Chrysler was sold a French firm. Because no one else offering the same amount of money to purchase the failed Division of GM. So far there is no plans to move any Chrysler plants anywhere.
Michael D. November 02, 2012 at 09:39 PM
While you are correct, you are not adding that we are still in recovering from a credit bubble that bursted in April of 2008 (5.0%). When the dervative of the curve started rising at an also 1/1 rate creating massive unemployment. When Obama took office in January 2009 unemployment was 7.8% it continued climbing until August 2010. As been slowly moving back down through this month at 7.9%. So your statement is only telling half the story.
Michael D. November 02, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Corrections for typos: When the dervative of the curve started rising at an almost 1/1 rate creating massive unemployment. When Obama took office in January 2009 unemployment was 7.8% it continued climbing until August 2010 (9.6%).
Linda November 03, 2012 at 07:29 PM
It's going to be just like living in a Charles Dickens story, with 25 cent salaries, and leg chains.
Linda November 04, 2012 at 01:24 AM
I forget, who came after Carter?
Linda November 04, 2012 at 01:30 AM
You make sense, that's why no Republican will listen to you.
Linda November 04, 2012 at 10:39 PM
He's not running it poorly for the Republicans, that's all that matters to him.
Lynda November 05, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Thanks for the reminder, Jean. If enough people call maybe we can tie up all of Gov. Scott's lines, And I would suggest emailing Rep Bill Young to protest as well. I would say try calling his office, but they never answer any calls from people who haven't donated to him. Rep Young and all the GOP candidates should have been speaking out to extend voting hours.
Samuel Clemens November 05, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Joe C, the man said so himself: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0PUUpa5X4E Also, have you ever taken a look at the extreme wealth of the many D's in DC and their billionaire connections?
Samuel Clemens November 05, 2012 at 04:52 AM
Ask the "CONServatives" how they feel about Bush nominee Judge Roberts. I do not want any more Bush! That family has been screwing Americans since Grandaddy Bush was indicted under the Trading With the Enemy Act.......love those Nazis! And I definitely didn't want the "Hope & Change" and definitely want to avoid the FORWARD.......over the cliff. Sucks for all of us, but especially those of us who do not reside in your manufactured Left/Right world. It's a sad display on here seeing neighbors fight as we are all screwed by the same people, yet ya'all play your part in their divide and conquer games.
Samuel Clemens November 05, 2012 at 04:55 AM
Lynda, leave Bill Young alone........he's one of the best politicians we have in DC.......he's rarely around to give us a-screwin!! We need many more like him missing votes in DC.
xigua November 13, 2012 at 09:17 AM
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Meadow Lane November 22, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Has anyone, this week, been seeking out Mitt Romney’s views on the Gaza crisis? Have there been calls to put him on a plane and have him sit down with Benjamin Netanyahu or Mohamed Morsi, and sort things out? Hillary Clinton handled that instead, and we seem to have a ceasefire. The urgent questions about Romney have been whether that was really him, photographed blurrily, pumping his own gas, or what he and Ann thought of Jacob imprinting on Renesmee in the new “Twilight” movie—which they saw over the weekend—and which vampire coven reminded them most of the Republican primary field. Last month, Romney was talking about the near-psychic bond he had with Netanyahu; that may have been nice for them, but it hardly seems to matter anymore to anyone else. By the time there was a ceasefire deal, on Wednesday, the Romney radar was alive to reports of a trip to Disneyland with his wife and grandchildren. There's lots to celebrate this Thanksgiving. At the TOP of my list is that THIS TURKEY was not elected... Go Obama! Onward and upward! Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/comment/2012/11/romneys-republican-disneyland.html#ixzz2Cy3grAfZ


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