Sewage Line Break Reported In Baycrest Area

Residents in the area west of Memorial Highway are urged to avoid contact with canal water.

A sewage water main break occurred today in the Baycrest area, south of Hillsborough Avenue and west of Memorial Highway, according to Hillsborough County Public Utilities.

The break has prompted county officials to issue a warning to residents who live in that area against coming into contact with water in the canals for the next few days.

The line broke in two places as crews were working in the area. The breaks are near a canal behind the Home Depot at Hillsborough Avenue and Memorial Highway. It is not known at this time how long it will take to complete repairs nor is there an estimate on the volume of discharge.

In the meantime, trucks are being dispatched to pump out sewage lift stations which serve the area, to minimize the sewage being spilled into the canal and so crews can make the repairs.

Residents are urged not to fish or swim in the canals in the area for the next few days, and to avoid coming into contact with the water while boating or doing other activities. The Public Utilities Department will post signs, has notified local and state environmental agencies, and will be taking samples and monitoring the area where the spill occurred.

The sewage line break is not impacting tap water, which officials say is safe to use.




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