Presidential, Florida Election Results 2012

Election results and local coverage of the state and national races on Election Day 2012.

In order to make life easier for you, we created this article where you will find all the info you need to know about how Florida voted in the Presidential election as well as races for the U.S. Senate and House and Florida Senate and House.

National and State Election Results:

Results are changing as precincts report. They are not final. 

President of the United States Votes Percent of Vote ObamaBarack  (DEM)  /  Biden, Joe   *Incumbent 3,750,239
49.87% RomneyMitt  (REP)  /  Ryan, Paul  4,009,573
49.27% Totals U.S. Senate Votes Percent of Vote Connie Mack (REP) 3,288,401
Bill Nelson (DEM) 4,291,487

United States Representative (Hillsborough) District 12 BilirakisGus Michael (REP) 207,362
SnowJonathan Michael (DEM) 107,542

District 14 CastorKathy  (DEM) 192,169 70.21%
OteroEvelio "EJ" (REP) 81,519
  District 17 BronsonWilliam  (DEM) 111,232
RooneyTom  (REP) 157,720
  State Senator (Hillsborough County) District 24 BelcherElizabeth  (DEM) 87,118
LeeTom  (REP) 102,917
  District 26 GalvanoBill  (REP) 121,388 59.16% HousePaula  (DEM) 83,799 40.84%   District 57 BarnettBruce  (DEM) 28,563 41.41% RaburnJake  (REP) 40,411 58.59%   District 58 RaulersonDan  (REP) 31,786 57.4% VazquezJose  (DEM) 23,592 42.6%   District 59 GottliebGail  (DEM) 32,246 49.1% SpanoRoss  (REP) 33,428 50.9%   District 62 CruzJanet  (DEM) 35,758 69.83% WarrenWesley G. (REP) 15,446 30.17%   District 63 DanishMark  (DEM) 32,687 50.47% HarrisonShawn  (REP) 32,072 49.53%   State Representative (Pasco County) District 36 FasanoMike  (REP) 53,975 100% Write in candidate 0 0%   State Senator (Pinellas County) Disctrict 20 LatvalaJack  (REP) 125,320 57.92% Rhodes-CourterAshley M. (DEM) 91,051 42.08%   State Representative (Pinellas County) District 65 NehrPeter  (REP) 38,015 47.19% ZimmermannCarl "Z" (DEM) 42,544 52.81%   District 66 AhernLarry  (REP) 39,856 53.25% AmbroseMary Louise (DEM) 34,987 46.75%   District 67 FarrellBen  (DEM) 29,136 47.12% HooperEd  (REP) 32,697 52.88%   District 68 DudleyDwight  (DEM) 34,745 50.82% FarkasFrank  (REP) 30,345 44.39% WeidnerMatthew D. (NPA) 3,276 4.79%   District 69 PetersKathleen  (REP) 39,647 52.4% ShulmanJosh  (DEM) 36,022 47.6%   United States Representative (Manatee County) District 16 BuchananVern  (REP) 186,627 53.65% FitzgeraldKeith  (DEM) 161,257 46.35%   District 17 BronsonWilliam  (DEM) 111,232 41.36% RooneyTom  (REP) 157,720 58.64%   State Attorney (Manatee County) Circuit 12 BrodskyEd  (REP) 189,411 54.9% TorracoJohn  (DEM) 155,611 45.1%   State Senator (Manatee County) District 71 BoydJim  (REP) 41,682 55.98% TebruggeAdam  (DEM) 32,780 44.02%   District 73 McCannBob (Doc) (NPA) 21,696 26.37% SteubeGreg  (REP) 60,575 73.63%   State Representative (Sarasota County) District 72 AlpertLiz  (DEM) 37,351 46.07% PilonRay  (REP) 43,718 53.93%
Samuel Clemens November 09, 2012 at 07:39 PM
What about those of us who want a pre-1913 America? What's extremely sad is the majority of the people who actually read this will have no idea why I used the year 1913.
Michael D. November 09, 2012 at 07:47 PM
That is the basis of the political system, a series of political combat that keeps our government as a living document. With checks and balances.
Daryl Dixon November 09, 2012 at 08:59 PM
"American Patriot" I have served as well, your bias shows through your "patriot" veil. I have no doubt that our Military intel members are looking into this and it is not my faith in them that is in subject. What I do hope is that our Commander in Chief will do everything in his power to make sure that IF mistakes were made and IF there were failures that they do not happen again. I want to thank you for serving but as for your comment about watching your back It saddens me that as a "service member" you would result in attacking someone you never met but this type of response has become typical and makes me question its source. From your description of your military duties you were more than likely watching my back and that scares me. Also isn’t COMINT a type of SIGINT? And what about the other types of Intelligence Collection Disciplines why didn’t you list them or were you just trying to impress me?
Daryl Dixon November 09, 2012 at 09:05 PM
or I should say that SIGINT is a type of COMINT right? along with HUMINT,IMINT,MASINT and OSINT?
American Patriot November 09, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Comint is indeed a type of Sigint, and I meant to say Elint (also a type of Sigint). And yes, there are multiple types of intel, but my point was that there are often conflicts in information that is coming in in real time and I was giving examples. In the Benghazi situation, I'd professionally wager that the best source will be Humint, supplemented by Comint. And, as multiple echelons were involved, the challenge for the incident evaluators will be to weigh the varying perceptions of each echelon as the events were developing. And as to corrections, if you really think that POTUS is going to personally write the report, and validate the decision, then you are not being realistic about the chain of command. Yes, he will be the final approver and authority. The key players for eval and correction will be State, CIA, DIA, CENTCOM, and CINCUSNAVEUR, along with the FBI for eval. And my point about watching my back relates to situations in which someone would make flawed judgments, by using a single source of info and not checking all intel sources available, and all comms incoming, so that the best judgment is made for the protection of all forces. Neither you, nor I, are tasked with uncovering the full story about this incident, and taking pot shots and making half-baked judgments is not helpful, and could be harmful. Let the professionals do their job. And thank you for your service.


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