Westchase Trash Pick-Up: What Should Happen?

Hillsborough County is asking for the public's input on what should happen to trash collection in areas like Westchase.

Tonight, Monday Dec. 3 at 6:30p.m. at the Upper Tampa Bay Library Hillsborough County officials will be all ears when they host one of several meetings to address what should happent to trash pick up in the county.

The county is considering several strategies to address trash pick up once the current contract ends in October 2013.

To see the options, see Hillsborough County Talks Trash With Westchase Residents.

sign-up here.

County officials can voice their option the following ways:

Or residents can attend the meeting tonight at the Upper Tampa Bay Library, 11211 Countryway Blvd. in Tampa.

Here's what Westchase Patch Facebook reader Bradford Lowey had to say about the issue:

I think residents would be crazy, out of their mind bonkers to give up their current trash service for $41.79 a year. Westchase has fantastic trash service compared to other communities. I've moved to an area that does Option 4 and I miss my old Westchase trash pickup.

Automated Collected Service is a *huge* downgrade in service. Most savings are offset by increased costs and hassle in getting rid of bulk items and yard waste. Have more trash than can fit into the can and it's a big problem. It simply will not get picked up. Need to dispose of cardboard boxes? Can't do it like the photo above. Better get out the box cutter and buy some twine.

Plus many Westchase garages cannot fit the large automated containers. They're going to end up in side yards that don't fit them well either and are close to windows.

Which option do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

Robert Sands December 03, 2012 at 12:42 PM
I'm for Option #2. Once a week on trash is not enough for a family of four, and neither is every other week on recycle, which rules out #3 and #4. Think about the stench in your garage in the heat of the summer before you vote for either of those two options. The savings is marginal and the inconvenience is big. We have had weeks with holidays, where trash is only collected 1x, and it stinks, both literally and figuratively. Considering the way the current collectors treat our garbage cans, I would prefer the onus on them to maintain the cans, which are larger and sturdier than the ones you get at the home stores. The cost of replacing garbage cans outweights the small premium for option #2.


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