What’s Westchase Saying About Obama?

Find out what Westchase Patch readers had to say about the president's connection to the people.


Earlier this week, we asked Patch readers.

Here’s what a reader of Westchase Patch had to say:

This man is so far out of touch I'm embarrassed to let my relatives in Europe know the facts. He does not have a clue and our children graduating from college are brain washed by unions and professors who also don't have a clue. Please people don't vote for a total failure.....Think of your kids and grand kids. Give a honest man a chance to do the right thing and trust me Obama is not the man.

Vito Tenerelli

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Bill Morelli June 18, 2012 at 01:16 AM
President Obama is not what this country needs to recover from our financial woes or regain our standing in the world. He is a manipulator of the first degree and has gained his success through deceit and spin. He despises the values that made this country great and is obsessed with punishing this nation for what he perceives as past sins. It is odd though since it is the values of this nation that have benefitted him most and he has never been personally a victim of the sins he believes this nation has committed. He does not deserve another term in office and hopefully the majority in this nation will turn him and his policies out in November.


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