Psst, Your Westchase Neighbors May Be Paying Less Rent

The median monthly rent prices for the Westchase area vary widely. In all, they are much higher than other nearby areas.

Westchase residents are proud of their well-manicured lawns, tons of diverse activities and great local schools.  For those who rent homes, apartments and condos in Westchase, the amenities come at a cost, but how does that cost stack up against some nearby neighborhoods?

Thanks to the efforts of the website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, we have the answers to that question. Using Census data from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey, it's tracked the median monthly rent for neighborhoods and cities all over the United States. The data is represented in a color-coded map, with red shades representing higher rent and lighter tones showing lower rent. Different sections of town are divided up according to Census tracts.

The data shows that of Westchase's two main census tracts, the one to the South of Linebaugh Avenue has slightly higher median monthly rent prices. The ACS estimates for that area, census tract 115.20, the median monthly rent is $1,268.00, whereas the corresponding figure in Westchase to the North of Linebaugh Avenue is $1,112.00.

By comparison, the statewide median monthly rent price range is $771.00 to $890.00.

To see more data for Westchase or other Tampa area neighborhoods, visit the Rich Block, Poor Block website.

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