Bryant Students Jump Rope For American Heart Association

In its 11th year, Bryant Elementary participates in the national fundraising effort.

Last year Bryant Elementary School raised $35,000 for the American Heart Association through its Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser, making it the top fundraising school in the state.

This year the school is back to jumping.

On Thursday, students from all grades, who raised money for the association, spent time jumping rope during their physical education period as part of the fundraiser.

 students begin collecting money for the heart association last month. Students seek donations from family, friends and the community. Donors can also contribute online. On Thursday the students performed the "jumping rope" portion of the fundraiser.

The outdoor gym featured different "jumping stations" including traditional jump rope, hoola-hoop hopscotch and Hopper balls.

"It's pretty much like a party for them," said Jay Silbert, physical education teacher at Bryant.

The school also held a students art sale to raise funds for the association. The Jump Rope for Heart art show was held on Feb. 8 at the school. About 200 pieces of art were sold, said Prinicpal Karen Bass.

"It's been really amazing to see," Bass said.

Bass has been a driving force for Bryant's fundraising success. She was named Principal of the Year by the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart fund raising initiatives last year. Since the school opened in the 2003-2004 school year, Bryant Elementary has raised $196,166 for the heart association.

"We challenged them to at least make $30,000,” Silbert said about this year's fundraiser.

If the students raise at least $30,000 Silbert and Bass told student they would dress as super heroes during school.

There's still time to give. Donations can be made online at Bryant's Jump Rope for Heart page.

For more information contact the school by calling 813-356-1645.


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