Former NFL Player Coaching at Alonso High School

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer player Cosey Coleman is helping out with Alonso High School football team's offensive line this year.

"Let's face it, the guy fills a door-frame," said Alonso Ravens head coach Brian Emanuel about former Buccaneer Cosey Coleman.

"I mean what more can you say about the guy, he was a champion in college a champion in the pros," Emanuel said. "When he talks, they listen."

Coleman will be sharing his knowledge this year at Alonso High School where he is assistant coach to the team's offensive line. After serving as an assistant at Middleton in 2011, Coleman decided to take his services a little bit closer to home.

"I live here in the Westchase area," Coleman said.

"I've watched this part of town grow, watched my kids grow up here," said Coleman who has lived in Westchase for 11 years. "I'm very content here, people in the neighborhood know me."

Coleman went to high school in Atlanta, Georgia but attended the University of Tennessee where he was a two-time SEC All-American and part of the 1998 championship team. He was also on the 2003 Super Bowl champion Buccaneers, starting at guard for 18 of their 19 games.

"I think it gives me a certain voice that they listen to," Coleman said.

Coleman recalls an old pro visiting his high school in Atlanta as instrumental in jumpstarting his career in football. He hopes to impart that same inspiration at Alonso.

"I remember Ronnie Lott came to our school to speak," Coleman said. "When that guy was talking, I was all ears."

Greg Callahan, who he knew through TBYFL, said that they could use his help. Coleman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in a situation where the Ravens already have a strong offensive line coach in Callahan.

"One great thing I can say about him(Coleman) is that most athletes with his type of accolades are all about themselves," Emanuel said. "Cosey is only about helping the team."

Emanuel points out how well Coleman and Callahan coach the same group together.

"I try to stay in my lane," said Coleman. "I try to teach them some of the finer things I've picked up along the way, techniques and such."

Coleman says he's not trying to re-invent the wheel at Alonso, which already has a respectable football program.

"Little tricks, attention to details are some things I can teach them," he said.

The Ravens open the regular season at home against the Gaither Cowboys on Saturday, September 1.


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