Davidsen PTA President Goals Include Website, Informed Parents

Kendra Drake is the new PTA president at Davidsen Middle School.

As the new school year approaches, we caught up with some of the Westchase area's busiest parents. Here's what Kendra Drake, incoming PTA president at had to say:

Patch: How did you get involved with the PTA?

Drake: A few years ago when my son was entering kindergarten, I mentioned to a friend of mine, what am I going to do all day, I will have so much free time? She asked me if I would like to help with the yearbook and I have been involved with the PTA ever since. This will be my 8th year on the PTA board, I have done Recording Secretary, Yearbook, Ways/Means, Programs, Volunteers and President. This is my second time as president. Three years ago I was president at Westchase Elementary.

Patch: What are your duties?

Drake: The PTA president has the responsibility to lead the PTA, but is only as good as her PTA board and committee chairs.  The president presides at all meetings and coordinates the officers and committees of the PTA.

Patch: What's the hardest part of your role?

Drake: The hardest part of being president is being organized over the summer. The majority of the planning is completed over the summer which is hard as everyone is on vacation, which makes it difficult sometimes to get things done in time for when school starts.

Patch: What's the most fun part of your role?

Drake: The most fun part of being a PTA president is all of the relationships and friends you make along the way, teachers, parents, staff at school, students, the community and the principal. It is also great to see the accomplishments and the impact they make on the school and students.

Patch: What do you hope to accomplish as PTA president?

Drake: This year we are working on creating a PTA website, as we have not had one just for our PTA at this school. Being a middle school, it is much more difficult to get info out to the parents as kids just do not take home things to mom/dad. We are hoping that parents will be able to go to the website to find everything they need to know about events.

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