Westchase Golf Tournament Honors Long-Time Devotee, Charlie Garren

The May 21 tournament will honor two prep golfers with college scholarships.

Kitty Garren said she never played golf until she met Charlie Garren in 2003.

That would soon change.

“He said if you’re going to hang around with me you’re going to have to learn how to play golf,” Garren said, chuckling. “So I took up the game.”

When Charlie died from lung cancer several years ago at age 74, Kitty wanted to honor his memory. Charlie played his whole life, and after retiring from the real estate business he took jobs as a starter, or ranger, at area golf courses such as Westchase to be around the game he loved.

This past summer Kitty hit on the proper way to remember her husband. Naturally it involved golf. 

“Charlie was always high on education,” Garren said. “He was an avid reader who could comprehend everything. He followed professional golf very closely. So I wanted to do something in his memory because he is the one who got me to play golf.” 

Garren was seeking a charitable organization and partnered with the Hillsborough Education Foundation. They developed a scholarship to award two high school seniors, who will be honored at the Charlie Garren Memorial Golf Scholarship Tournament at May 21.

The winners have to maintain at least a 3.75 grade-point average and have an interest in golf. No males entered to win the scholarship this year, so two females will be chosen by the foundation.

Garren said she plans to make the tournament an annual event. For information call Westchase Golf Club at (813) 854-2331. 


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