Friday Night Lights Prove Too Tempting for Alonso Senior

Jordan Davis, Alonso senior safety, has played several sports but the lights and drums of high school football captured his interest at a young age.

Alonso senior Jordan Davis is a stone-cold athlete. He would be good at whichever sport he chose. But he decided on soccer at a young age. However ultimately his fate was sealed on a fateful Friday night when he was about 14 years old.

He was attending the Alonso JV team against Jefferson's team. His two older cousins, Jonathan and Josh played for Alsonso.

“I remember the whole thing, the lights, the bands playing, the atmosphere was awesome,” Jordan said. “I went home from that game knowing I wanted to play football.”

Jordan had played soccer for years, starting at Plantation Soccer Club when he was eight. He was a forward and sweeper all the way into adolescence and FC Tampa Soccer Club. His two older cousins, Jonathan and Josh played soccer with him, in the next age group. However, when the cousins got to high school, they dropped soccer in favor of football.

Jordan's first forray into football was on a flag team at Davidson Middle School. Davis found success on the team and met up with several future Alonso teammates, including Ish Witter and . Jordan’s eighth-grade year, the team went undefeated until their last game against Walker.

“We were robbed," Jordan said. "It’s kind of a painful memory for me."

Jordan’s appetite for football only strengthened when he enrolled at Alonso High School and tried out for the JV football team. Under Coach Moore, Jordan began to develop his football skills at the cornerback position. He even got reps at wide receiver. The experience prepared him for his call up to Varsity his sophomore year.

“I had a big growth spurt between my freshman and sophomore years,” Jordan said.

According to Jordan, he went from about 5-foot-8 and 128 pounds to 5-foot-10 and close to 150 pounds over the summer.

Jordan showed a glimpse of his developing skills at a Sling and Shoot tournament over that summer where he had a bet going with the Varsity defensive backs on who would get the most interceptions. He couldn't recall the actual number but he remembered he had the most.

Jordan won the bet and was treated to Taco Bell by the older, Varsity players.

That fall the Varisty coaches offered him a defensive back position on the team.

“I kind of didn’t want it. I was excited about being a star on the JV team that year,” Jordan said.

Nevertheless, he started workouts with the Varsity team, playing cornerback.

He played only nickel corner in passing situations that first year.

His big break came during his sophomore year against Hillsborough. It was when one of the starting safeties on the team got suspended. This allowed Jordan to get starts at his future position.

His junior year was when he emerged as a play-maker at safety; again against Hillsborough.

This year Jordan stands at an imposing 6-foot-1 and 194 pounds. Look to him as a play-maker on Alonso's defense.


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