Westchase's Own 'Shaney Magee Band' Kicks Off Concert in the Park Series

The band will play a free concert today, July 27, in West Park Village.

The Westchase Concert in the Park series begins Friday, July 27. The event gets started at 7 p.m. in West Park Village's band shell on Montague Street. Westchase-based Shaney Magee Band will kick off the series.

Westchase Patch caught up with Shaney Nadel, a Westchase resident and one third of the Shaney Magee Band, to chat about how the band got its start and what type of ear candy listeners can expect at the concert.

Patch: How long have you been a Westchase resident?

Nadel: Just about 7 years

Patch: How did you get started in the music business?

Nadel: The truth is I got up on stage one night and sang Karaoke. I was well received by the audience. I thought it might be fun to join a band. I was new to the area and did not know anyone so I went to a local music studio and put an add on their bulletin board. My ad said I wanted "drug free, adults with day jobs that do music as a hobby and not as a means to support themselves."

Patch: How did you and your band mates unite?

Nadel: Frank (our bass player) and I have been together since the beginning, just about 6 years. We met as a result of that ad I placed at the recording studio. Over the years, Frank and I have stuck together and remained a team while other members have come and gone. Josh (our guitar player) has been with us about two years. He works with Frank’s wife. He is a gift and so talented. Originally we were an acoustic band, but decided to step it up and go electric adding a drummer. It has really made a big difference with our sound.  Bob is our newest member joining us on the drums.

Patch: Describe your style of music?

Nadel: Eclectic. We do it all…rock, blues, jazz, pop, country, Irish songs, etc.  We like playing a good song no matter the genre. We also throw some of our originals in the set list. They are very good!

Patch: What can people expect at Friday's Concert in the Park?

Nadel: A good time!


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