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My life turned around when I met my husband. He saw potential that i never knew existed and he whooshed me off to college  (at age 28!). I was working at the time and raising two small children. After my first "A," there was no stopping me!  It took me 7 years to get my degree (juggling work and kids) but I did it -- and went on to get a master's.  And I grew in confidence and self esteeem.
We moved a lot as Jerry got his master's (Rochester, NY) and his doctorate (Syracuse, NY) and finally called State College home where he got his first professorial teaching job. That's where my kids (and I) grew up. With those degrees  under my belt, came confidence to take on jobs  I never would have applied for before. I ran a heart disease study in two counties (NIH funded) in PA. That was another growing experience. Moved to Tampa in '84 where I took a position as an administrator at USF's Florida Mental Health Institute. The bureaucracy got to me and I was itching to try something different. In 1992, scared to death, I opened a unique niche recruiting firm (for its time) - professional & technical staffing (web & graphic design, technical writing and IT) when most services were focused on clerical and blue collar placements.  Struggled for about 3 years until we got visibility and repeat business and then were able to open a 2nd office.  By 2000, we were doing very well and I loved it, hard work and all! 2001, between 9/11, my husband's serious illness and the recession, we  had to close our doors.  No one was hiring and our pockets were just so deep.  Heartbreaking decision.  This experience - starting my own business - was very scary but the most wonderful time in business i have ever experienced! Since then i've helped others. I'm always helping people in some fashion. Being busy is a part of me -something I've always needed and always will. As i've said above, when I help someone and it works, it's the greatest high!
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